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Open Source

open source Logo Since 2000, LYNX has adhered to the model of development and release FLOSS (Free / Libre Open Source Software).

This means that we use, for both the development and management activities, only free and open source software: from the Linux operating systems on all servers (CentOS RedHat) and the development machines, to the suite of office productivity (eg OpenOffice. org), through the framework of integrated development (Eclipse, NetBeans).

All software we produced is, of course, released under the GPL v.2 / 3.

       An ethical choice, the logic WIN - WIN

We chose to follow the principles of open source because we believe that the technology and software market should be open and dynamic, and because we believe that the relationship between us and our customers is a mutually beneficial collaboration.

Produce and provide open source tools allows us to reduce the cost of software production.
To work with Open Source means  to participate a comunity of companies and developers that collaborate directly or indirectly to the same projects. This leads to software / products that are new and updated, but tested and functional even if with less developping costs.

The relationship Supplier - Customer is thus not mere acquisition / possession of a product but becomes a collaboration focused on work / service to adapt the software to the specific needs of the customer.

Open Source also means being aware that the global market can not exclude the development of local businesses.
Open Source helps to create a genuine competition and enables a development of even small professional environments and employment in local area without necessarily having to outsource production (physical and virtual) in third countries.

For this reasons, we adheres to FLOSS model and we propose it successfully to our customers.

  • LYNX is a member of AISL - Associazione Imprese Software Libero
  • LYNX is a member of RIOS - Rete Italiana Open Source Professionale
  • LYNX was co-founder of RePTILS - Rete di Piccole Tecno Imprese per la Libertà del Software